January 6, 2022

Steve Wozniak is a $10 million dollar computer engineer from the United States. Steve Wozniak is most known for being one of Apple’s three co-founders. In Cupertino, California, he co-founded the firm with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne on 1st of April 1976.

Life & Career

Wozniak, the famous, was born in San Jose, California, on 11th August 1950. Along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak was a co-founder of Apple.

The Apple II series was created, developed, and marketed by their team, and it was one of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers. Wozniak and Jobs built the initial Apple computer prototypes in Jobs’ bedroom and then in Jobs’ garage.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth
Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Wozniak designed the Apple I and Apple II computers in the 1970s. Wozniak is credited with designing the initial Apple hardware, operating system, and circuit board designs by himself. The personal computer revolution in the 1970s was influenced by Wozniak’s gadgets and discoveries. Wozniak co-founded Wheels of Zeus in 2001 to develop wireless GPS technology that would make it easier for the average person on the street to find stuff.

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Since leaving Apple, Wozniak has donated all of the funds, as well as a significant amount of on-site technical help, to his local school district’s technology programme. Un U Son, is a non-profit organization founded by Wozniak to promote his educational and charitable endeavors. Wozniak is married to Janet Hill and resides in Los Gatos, California. From a previous marriage, he has three children.

Wozniak was honored to be admitted to the Hall of Fame of National Investors. He was kicked out of the University of Colorado after breaking into the computer system. He was flying an aero plane when it crashed in year 1981, and he lost his memories for a short while.

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Apple games helped Wozniak retrieve his memory. After quitting Apple, he attended UC Berkeley and earned his bachelor’s degree under a false name. Four Apple patents name Wozniak as the sole inventor, including Microcomputer for use with the video display.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth
Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Personal Life & Relationships

Tetris for Game Boy is Wozniak’s favorite video game, and he earned a high score in Sabotage. Wozniak was a founder member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, donating some of its first funding and participating on its Board of Directors. He is a founding supporter of the Tech Museum, the Silicon Valley Ballet, and the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum.

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From June 1981 to 1987, Wozniak was married to Candice Clark, a gold medalist in slalom canoeing. They are the parents of three children, the youngest of whom was born after their divorce was formalized. Wozniak married Janet Hill after a high-profile romance with actress Kathy Griffin, who called him the biggest techno-nerd in the Universe on Tom Green’s House Tonight in 2008.

Net Worth

He has a $100 million dollar net worth. Since he left his full-time job on February 6, 1987, he has received an estimated yearly stipend of $120,000 as an Apple employee.

Wozniak now lives in Los Gatos, California, with his wife. In 2012, a 7,500-square-foot mansion in Los Gatos, CA, constructed for Wozniak in 1987 and valued at $5 million, was put on the market.

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