January 17, 2022

There would hardly be any person who won’t be using smart devices? Everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket that they use for different purposes. More people using smartphones mean more people are using apps. Mobile app users are not less than prey to hackers. Due to this reason, major issues of the tech world also include app hacking. Mobile apps are being used for different purposes. People are using them for official uses as well as personal uses. Many people have stored their important data in such mobile hacks which if get hacked can create big trouble for the data owner. Even a little confidential data leakage of a company can cause it to lose millions. Which is one of the serious issues of the tech world. You would also be heard on the news that an XYZ company had to lose millions due to data leakage or hacking. However, even if such data doesn’t relate to a company but to an individual still it is a serious issue. Because such data can include bank details of a person or such other data that can cause reputational harm to such person.

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Keeping this issue in mind, the securities companies have come forward to help people to main the confidentiality of their data. They have brought a solution and that solution is app shielding. If you are thinking of a shield put in front of the app then let us tell you that you are technically right. Through this process, the app is protected using some sort of coding that makes it difficult for the hackers to get into the app through hacking.

  • In practical life, app shielding is quite helpful. It is helpful for the user as well as mobile app development companies that are working to provide apps to their clients. App piracy is such a headache these days. But as long as, you are using app shielding, you won’t have to worry anymore about app piracy. Because with the help of app shielding, you will be able to protect your intellectual property. This process is started by making modifications in the coding of the application which makes it very difficult for anyone to get into the app without access. When you leave your home, you lock the gate of your home with a metal lock. Just like that app shielding is a digital lock for your apps. Whenever you will be leaving your app, it will be locked and an unknown user won’t be able to get into it.
  • App shielding is not a very new concept people have been using it for a long time. But with time, it is also evolving. Many new features have been added to it just like binary protection is one of the latest features of app shielding. It creates such an environment to an app that creates safety for it so that no hacker can taint it. These companies have used biometric authentication as a safety feature. Because cracking binary numbers of biometric locks is almost impossible.
  • Due to the safety feature of app shielding many big and financial companies are using it as a source to protect their information. There is no doubt if security features are being used, hackers can find the possibility to hack these locks as well. This is the major reason why security companies are evolving these safety apps so that hackers won’t be able to crack them easily and the stored data will be kept safe.
  • App shielding can also be used as a cybersecurity feature. Let us explain this with an example, today we also have the option to store data on third-party applications I.e. cloud storage. Here, you won’t have to use your device data. But there is always the risk of data being stolen because you won’t be able to have control over the person accessing the cloud. But with the help of application shielding, you can add security to your data stored. This way, you will, without any doubt, be able to store your data on the cloud with safety. This security system will also allow you to store data on untrusted clouds with proper security. As already stated above, this system is evolving, you will get to see more development in it that will make the security presence stronger.
  • There are many companies that are providing various sorts of licenses containing management rights to their clients. If these rights will be in the wrong hands then serious problems can be created for different people. Therefore, the government has created regulatory compliance including the security of the licenses. This way, such license-providing companies are also using app shielding to protect licenses so that no wrong person can have access to them.
  • It can also be used for protection from reverse engineering. First, you need to understand what is reverse engineering. It is nothing but a process that is brought into use to analyze the compiled data which further results in discovering source code. With the help of this process, hackers can find your source code and attack your data. But there will be the presence of app shielding then hackers won’t be able to perform the process of reverse engineering and protect your intellectual property from digital theft.
  • It is also helpful in eliminating risk factors. There can be local attacks from the hackers while you will be using the app or testing your app. But with the help of app shielding these attacks can be prevented by increasing the security of the app. No malware will be entered into your app and cause any harm. In simple words, we can say that your app will be protected from both internal and external hazards. App shielding will also generate a report and send it to the owner that an attack was made on your app which has been prevented. Such a report is sent to the owner to alert him so that he can take extra security measures.
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These are the various uses of app shielding for app security.

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