April 17, 2021
Lady Victoria Hervey Net Worth:
$15 Million

Lady Victoria Hervey net worth: Lady Victoria Hervey is an English model, socialite, and aristocrat who has a net worth of $15 million. Lady Victoria Hervey is the oldest daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol and his third wife who are believed to have had a peak net worth hovering around $100 million.

Their net worth has declined over the years, partly due to the spending habits of Lady Victoria and her brother. As a child, she lived in her family’s home, the Ickworth House. However, her parents subsequently went into tax exile and moved to Monaco. She went on to attend the Beneden School and then spent a year living in Florence, Italy. She was originally supposed to study French and History of Art at Bristol University. However, she changed her mind about attending school. Her parents cut her off, and she began working as a receptionist for a producer. She wanted to become a television presenter, so she began modeling part-time, but she proved successful at modeling. She went on to model for Christian Dior, among other designers. She became a tabloid staple after wearing a “barely-there” dress during the launch of her fashion boutique, Akademi. Akademi subsequently went out of business. She is now Events and Society Editor for “The Untitled Magazine”.

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