January 16, 2021
Jose and Francisco Jose Calderon Rojas Net Worth:
$2.9 Billion

Jose and Francisco Jose Calderon Rojas net worth: Jose and Francisco Jose Calderon Rojas are Mexican billionaire brothers who have a combined net worth of $2.9 billion. The Mexican siblings earned their multi-billion dollar fortune thanks to their 7% stake in a coca-cola bottling company called FEMSA that was co-founded by their father.

Today FEMSA is a multi-national beverage and retail conglomerate that generates more than $300 billion in revenue every year and employs 18,000 people worldwide. Jose Calderon has actively worked on Coca Cola FEMSA’s expansion, making it the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world after a series of acquisitions. In January 2013, Coca Cola FEMSA purchased 51% of Coca-Cola’s bottling operation in the Philippines and plans to continue its expansion in Asia. Today FEMSA is expanding into drugstore and restaurant chains in addition to their bottling empire. The Rojas brothers are known to keep a very low public profile despite being two of the 10 richest people in Mexico. They both reportedly reside in Monterrey, Mexico. Contrary to a popular legend, the Rojas brothers are NOT related to Spanish-born NBA star Jose Calderon.

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