December 30, 2021

John DeLorean was a famous American engineer who founded the DeLorean Company, which ended in controversy, bankruptcy, and jail. He was a known personality in the auto mobile history.

Life & Career

On January 6, 1925, John DeLorean was born in Detroit, Michigan. His automobile would be eternally identified with Michael Fox’s young time-traveling Marty Mc Fly to the Future trilogy.

He was lifted to the higher ranks in the GM Company, and thus became the President. But he considered the corporation’s corporate culture to be oppressive and he quit to start his own automobile company.

John Delorean Net Worth
John Delorean Net Worth

DeLorean attended Detroit public school for his studies. He earned a scholarship due to his extra ordinary performance at the school. He got called by the army and served in the World War 2 for his country. However he served there for 3 years and got released thereafter and returned to Detroit, his hometown.

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Delorean then joined the Packard Company and was praised for his innovations over there. He became the research chief after giving 4 hard working years.

John DeLorean had what it took to become one of the most influential figures in the history of General Motors. He understood how to rise through the ranks of the firm from an early age, and one of the automobiles that helped him do so was the famed Pontiac GTO, but his desire to build his own car prompted him to quit in 1974.

When sales of the DMC-12 plummeted, DeLorean fell out of favor, and in October 1982, he was arrested in Los Angeles for attempting to sell a $ 24 million cocaine briefcase to save his firm from bankruptcy. DMC declared bankruptcy at the end of 1982 and after proving that the agents incited him to do the act, he was proclaimed innocent in 1984.

John Delorean Net Worth
John Delorean Net Worth

Personal Life & Relationships

After FBI informant James Hoffman captured DeLorean in a sting operation, he was charged with cocaine trafficking. DeLorean flighted in defending himself through the whole of his trial and system and claimed that the authorities had intentionally targeted him.

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DeLorean was married 4 times in all. The 1st marriage, which lasted from 1954 until 1969, was to Elizabeth Higgins. He later married Kelly Harmon, an actress and model, whom he divorced in year 1972.

DeLorean then married Cristina Ferrare the next year, and they had 2 children. However, In year 1985, the couple divorced and Finally, in year 2002, DeLorean married Sally Baldwin. Sheila was their daughter, and they all resided in New Jersey.


DeLorean died of a stroke at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, at the age of 80. His ashes are interred in Troy, Michigan’s White Chapel Cemetery, where his gravestone depicts his DeLorean sports vehicle with the doors open.

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Net Worth

At the time of his death, John DeLorean, the engineer & businessman had a net worth of $50 million.

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