January 17, 2022

Wide Open West or Wow, as it is otherwise known, is an internet and cable TV service based in Denver, Colorado. Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Georgia called Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio are among the nine states where wow services are available. In each state, service zones are constrained, and availability varies considerably. Some places, for example, may only receive half of the max speed received by others. Other services can be restricted or non-existent. Check the website to see if wow is available at your location and what packages will you be availing of.


The absence of commitments and no data limitations with WOW makes it exceptionally lucrative for customers. The fact that Wow also offers bundled packages and includes on-demand services and the option of DVR storage makes it even better. You’ll have to combine your WOW! tv Streaming package with WOW! broadband, but it’s an option that can save you money.

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WOW’s TV Network Technology is unrivaled in the industry.

Coaxial cable technology is used in all of WOW’s cable internet offerings. Coaxial cables are recognized as black colored cables fixed to the side of the house. Wow has also been actively installing fiber lines in specific locations to boost the speeds.


WOW! provides cable service, but it uses hybrid fiber-coaxial cables. The Internet data travels over fiber to a router in the user’s neighborhood, then transferred to copper cable networks. Compared to the fiber cable connection, one advantage of this technology is that web traffic can use TV network lines. As a result, WOW costs are reduced, and consumers can avail better offers.

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It offers a 500 Mbps package that was undoubtedly their fastest internet plan. Currently, this option may not be available to all the regions where wow is active. However, wow is constantly progressing towards making it public. WOW! also employs DSL connections for its consumers in certain places, including Alabama and Georgia. This DSL service is much slower than WOW’s standard offers.


Wow Tv plans

WOW’s cable TV service isn’t powerful. It’s adequate, but the WOW TV guide pales compared to other providers regarding what customers get for their money. This service is more suitable for cord-cutters.


WOW Packages for TV

WOW! offers three different cable TV bundles. WOW, cable packages are labeled Small, Medium, and Large Cable, so customers don’t have to worry about confusing names. The Small Cable plan offers very little beyond the essentials, and even then, it lacks specific popular channels. The Medium Cable package is a good upgrade for a little more. Add more than 150 channels; it allows users to select a premium channel. The large TV channel is the largest one with over 260 channels.

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WOW! charges an installation cost, although customer reviews indicate that this fee isn’t fixed. Some claim to have negotiated the price. WOW! also features several deals for specific areas, which involve free installation. Customers should always ask about professional installation before joining WOW. WOW provides a next-day installation option in some places if anybody needs service straight away.


Self-installation is another option. If consumers sign up for a monthly option, this is the only manner they can avail of free installation. The incredible thing is that WOW! provides a self-installation kit that makes the whole process relatively straightforward.


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The following are the standard fees charged by WOW :

  • The cost of installation varies between $20 and $50.
  • If an existing WOW! The client relocates; there is no charge for installation.
  • The rental amount for the gateway varies between $7 to $20.
  • Renting a DVR is $10 for a standard DVR and $15 for an HDR DVR.
  • The fee for contract termination varies, but most often, it would be around $345 for a plan extending up to 2 years.



Wow used to give away routers for free. However, it now demands a leasing fee, which varies and depends on the Internet plan the customer has chosen.

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The TV box and ultra gateway router are available for those who want the most acceptable options. It usually costs $25 monthly for two media players. The main advantage is that it gives a simple plug-and-play option for individuals who already have TV and internet service. Customers who only need a basic wireless modem can choose to rent one for around $10 per month. Customers also can use their own devices if they are compatible.


Factors to Consider When Comparing WOW! to the Competition

When comparing WOW! to other cable TV companies, there are certain things to consider. WOW has a 30-day money-back promise, which is commendable. On the other hand, its termination fees are incredibly hefty. Consumers can try WOW! for 30 days and cancel the subscription without penalty, but if they opt to cancel after the 30-day duration, they could be charged up to $345.

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