March 1, 2022

As the days get warmer and indicate the approaching end of the winter season, there are a few changes homeowners must make to their lifestyle. All the precautions you have taken to keep your home safe against the harsh weather can be undone so that you can welcome spring and enjoy it with no worries.

When bringing your home back to its spring/summer state, the changes you make will likely be a combination of technical and visual aspects. Not only will your outdoor water pipes become less prone to freezing and bursting, your home will require certain changes to its décor as well. While a smart home can make this transition easier, there are a few other things you can do to prepare your home for the upcoming season.

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One aspect of your décor which can make a drastic impact on your home’s overall look is lighting. Lighting is a very powerful tool, provided you use it correctly. The following are some lighting tips for a brighter home in the spring.

Natural Light

There is no better way to welcome the fresh spring air into your home than to finally uncover your windows. While the sun isn’t as strong during the winter, it can become your most effective lighting tool during the spring. Letting sunlight into your home is one of the best ways to light it throughout the day. Not only does it help the environment by decreasing the use of artificial light during daytime, it adds a soft, warm glow throughout your home which would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

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The best thing about utilizing natural light is that even though it isn’t from a manmade source, you can still control and manipulate it to your liking. To do this, you can use a number of different materials and décor. For example, mirrors and an excellent way to enhance natural light. They can make your living space look bigger and brighter. Reflective surfaces, such as walls or counters can also assist in amplifying this effect.

Brighter Colors

The color palette of your home is one of the most important things when determining how it looks and feels. This is why dark, bold and warm-toned colors are preferred in the winter, since they add a touch of warmth to your surroundings. Switching to a more lively color palette can completely change the vibe in your home by bringing out its best features. From the curtains to the carpeting, everything can be changed to fit your new color palette for the season.

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A good low-effort hack for this is to use a neutral color palette all year round, aside from a few little pops of color throughout the room. This way, instead of having to change too much of the room, you will only have to alter certain parts of it.

Using Smart Lights

When you want a customized home along with greater control over different aspects of home décor, smart gadgets are your best option. They provide you with much more flexibility, while also helping you create a unique living space according to your preference. When it comes to a seasonal transition, smart lights can be an excellent tool to help you achieve any look you want.

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Smart lights have features which allow you to control their color, brightness and intensity – all from an app in your phone. You can place these lights around your home in the most creative ways to achieve a more inviting atmosphere in your home, indicating that the season of isolation is at its end. These lights are reliable and long-lasting, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them frequently either.

Reorganizing and Cleaning

Nothing can put a damper on your home’s look like collected junk. Spring cleaning is something a lot of homeowners tend to prioritize, and it is because this is the time where your home is cleansed of all of the items you have been hoarding all year long. Decluttering is not only therapeutic but can easily result in a much better-looking home. This is the perfect time to clean every bit of your home.

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Starting with the basics, you may want to clean windows and skylights first. This will allow the sunlight a clear path into your home, something which can be beneficial for several reasons. As part of the reorganizing process, you can try to face the furniture away from the fireplace. It can even be placed further apart, and certain things can be added or removed. The composition of every room is responsible for its overall visual impact, and redoing your décor is an important step in the process.

A Livelier Home

While the winter can keep you lazy and somewhat comfortable in your home, the spring is a time to recharge and gradually go back to a more active lifestyle. It opens a lot of doors for you, and you have the opportunity to do a lot more with your time. When your home grows with you, this process can become much easier.

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Your surroundings can play a big role and how you feel throughout the day, which is the main reason why winter makes you want to curl up and stay in bed – however, spring is the opposite. Creating an environment that is appropriate for a more active season is the first step in moving past the lifestyle you’ve gotten used to.

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