May 4, 2022

 We know that many factors affect academic achievement in the classroom. We have seen that each student brings unique strengths, experiences, as well as varying degrees of support from family and the community. We have known that all of these things impact student learning as well. But we know that teacher quality has a powerful effect on student learning. When students interact with each other as well as with content in meaningful contexts, such as lms full form, learning is achieved.

We have seen that teachers have the potential to create these impactful learning opportunities as well as to nurture relationships with their students. When positive relationships have been formed in the classroom, everyone is more successful. We know that teachers use a variety of strategies to improve student learning, but it is most important to create a comfortable classroom where students feel secure at the same time. We know that student learning is improved when teachers take the time to get to know students, understand their needs, as well as to establish meaningful relationships. Many strategies have a positive impact as well such as having compassion and empathy too.

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We know that teachers who enjoy working with students show it, and this has a positive influence on student learning as well. Students we know are those who feel respected and appreciated are more willing to cooperate and more motivated to learn at the same time. They must also work on creating a secure and dependable structure. We have seen that students respond well to the security of a structured routine at the same time. Teachers are those who give thought to the establishment of a developmentally appropriate classroom structure to create a strong foundation for student learning to occur as well. They can also focus on ramping up the positive. Most people suggest that when students hear more positive than negative feedback, they are more successful academically at the same time.

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When teachers speak conversationally,  they give compliments, as well as exchange nonverbal signals like high five and thumbs up, we see that positive classroom culture is established as well. We know that the corrective feedback should be constructive, but not critical as well. We know that to improve student learning, effective teachers focus on the positive as well. They can also work on supporting academic risk as well. We see that when teachers create an atmosphere where students feel supported, they are more willing to take academic risks as well. We have seen that by giving students the tools to encourage as well as support each other, they create a safe space where students will accept the challenge and stretch themselves to learn at the same time.

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They can also try and work on teaching active listening as well. We know that when teachers model good listening skills, they not only set a good instance, they place importance on students’ voices at the same time. We see that reminding students to look at the speaker as well as providing opportunities to practice restating and asking clarifying questions will help students to develop this skill so critical for learning and life as well. They can work on embedding strategy instruction at the same time. We know that to help students build useable skills, teachers embed strategy instruction in content-area learning as well. We see that these include note-taking, as well as studying, and test-taking strategies.

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We know that when learned and applied in context, students more readily adopt strategies they can use again and again as well. We know that building collaborative relationships such as learning with and from other students builds communication as well as social skills along with content knowledge. We know that modeling collaborative skills, as well as monitoring group behavior, allows teachers to guide and influence this powerful form of active learning. We know that these skills will also prove valuable outside the classroom in future relationships and careers as well. The school management software is something that can keep a record of the students as well. We see that to effectively establish a pool of substitute teachers capable of supporting positive learning environments to keep at it.

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